Meet with Kuz

Meet with Kuz

From time to time, we get so confused about what to do wear. Our wardrobe makes us crazy as we think we can't find anything to put on. The problem here is to follow the trends' path, not our own style. 

Actually our personality says a lot about what we listen, watch, read or wear. So instead of filling your closet with trendy clothes, get something that you think it looks good on you. 

Not only clothes, also shoes and bags are other things we must choose to be timeless. In that way, you don't have to buy something new as years pass by.

Bags with different capacities, fabric patterns or usages are the indicators while choosing "it bag" for today's event. So we ask ourselves often:

- What to wear on a first date?
- What to wear on a date?
- What to wear going out with friends?
- What to wear going out for dinner?

On these days, being practical and stylish allows you to move in a more comfortable way. You may be indecisive about your look. Which bag would be perfect with the shoes and the accessories and the hair? There are so may details if you want to look perfect on that day.

We have what you need in our store: Kuz. A practical bag can solve your bag problem. A bag which turns into handbag, backpack and shoulder bag. Whether you need a leather bucket bag or backpack purse, this convertible bag will be your all in one bag.

If your date, dinner or friends meeting will last long, you can change this drawstring bag's brown leather straps to your usage. This is an easy and simple change you can do while enjoying with your date or friends. It won't take long. Your best practical stylish bag is on the shop waiting to go your date!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the loincloths are woven on the black loom, patterns and placements on the product vary for each bag. 

We offer this handmade leather bag for woman with the expertise of our craftsmen and artisans. We are happy to be next to you on your special days.

What else you can wear backpack crossbody:
- as job interview bag
- as office bag
- as everyday bag
- as work bag

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