Autumn 2023 Bag Trends

Autumn 2023 Bag Trends

Fall means romanticizing everything we do from top to bottom. Drinking hot chocolate, eating ginger cookies, pumpkin soup, long sleeve blouses and sweats, layered outfits, lighting shaped candles, dim atmosphere and so much more.

Autumn related collage: hot chocolate, pumpkin soup, yellow leaves, cozy atmosphere, warm clothes, books.

We decor our houses to this darky and cozy season. It is little bit different before going down all the winter things. It is a transition stage. We also change our wardrobe. Bye bye sleveless t-shirts, crop tops, skirt, shirts! and welcome all the warm, cozy, half-sleeved thirts, slightly windy weather!

Trench coats, soft scarfs, jackets, raincoats, boots!

Autumn bags are a whole different case, so let's talk about it.

Dutugo brand's owner Duygu Turgut is wearing K'ai&Vrosi Kuz model. Black leather backpack

Fall bags trends 2023 shows that there are basic models that keeps repeating throughout the year. What changes are colors, accessories on the bags, usage styles and from time to time shapes. We've started to see some more geometrical shapes in bag design.

Designer bags for fall 2023 are more centered on genuine leather as a material. In our research we come across leather bag trends in 2023, and there is mostly calfskin. 

For fall bags 2023, look out for quality, craftsmanship, details and attractive but somehow unusual companion which may be shape, fabric or style. 

Just hear out what Marie Clarie says in this blog post:

"For fall 2023's bag trends, function and form are paramount. After all, you're a busy woman and have places to be!"

So if the case is all about the function and form, you should definitely look at our Kuz collection and consider to keep it in your wardrobe. 

With Kuz backpack model, we offer you freedom you need during the whole day. You can use it in three different forms: backpack, shoulder and handbag. It is versatile. It is functional. It is convertible. It is your daily need. 

From outside breakfast to job meetings, interviews, friends catch-ups, this is it. Wandering around the city is way too amusing and delighting with Kuz. Check out #kaivroship page to see how our customers look with Kuz.

Don't get caught and lost with the trends, find your own voice with the help of them.

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