Genuine Leather Bags and Their Care Instructions

Genuine Leather Bags and Their Care Instructions

Leather material has the power to change the whole look, don't you think so? We wear pants, bags, hats including leather. But how to make good use of it? Let us show you in details. But first thing first: the meaning of genuine leather.

What is genuine leather?

Genuine leather is the kind of leather material made of an animal's skin. Animal skin has been used for more than 7,000 years. There are different kind of stages that the chemical treatments and other procedures, like dried in the sun, preserved by salting and smoking, have been applied to original leather. 

What are types of leather?

There are three types of leather:

  • genuine leather
  • artificial leather
  • biodegradable leather

Artificial leather, also known as synthetic leather or faux leather, is made of a poliester base. This base is waxed, dyed to create the image of a cowhide leather. So it is an imitation. It is an alternative leather which is mostly preferred by those who are against animal skin or those who can afford less expensive bags, shoes or accessories.

Biodegradable leather is a new phenomenon which is a big topic in leather sector with the coming of Sustainable Development Goals. Biodegradable materials can be like apple, banana or olive. Biodegradable products can decompose in its own pace without creating any pollution. 

Why prefer genuine leather on bags?

We still use the wool or cotton clothes, calfskin leather bags or gold accessories which once our mother or grandmother wore. This shows us that we can use a product for a really long time unless it isn't made of cheap fabrication material. As we see in recipes, the food ingredients help us to cook the best meal we eat.

And the good materials used in a bag help us to wear it for long long time.

That is why we prefer genuine Turkish leather on our all bags. After years and years, cowhide bag will gain an even more aesthetic look with aged leather. 

What are the benefits of buying a leather bag?

  • durability
  • long-lasting use
  • great companion for all types of outfits
  • passed down in next generation
  • classy and elegant look

How to clean a leather bag?

Bag cleaning is a quite easy process with leather care products. We don't produce any care product but as we've seen, geist leather care is preferred in most leather products with a variety of kits.  

So, about how to keep clean your bag, you should follow leather bag care instructions which is given you by the vendor. As a care tip, we recommend you to clean the product with a wet cloth from time to time, and then -if it isn't worn- put it in its own dust bag we send you along the bag. 

In the end, that was our blog post that we talk about leather bag care guide.


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