Hand Woven Fabrics in Türkiye

Hand Woven Fabrics in Türkiye

Türkiye is a peninsula surrounded by three seas: Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea. Those names are also the region’s land that these seas are connected to. As a country which has lands in both Asia and Europe, Türkiye is a cultural phenomenon because of getting affected from east and west and also its own history. 

Anatolia has a long story since the First Era. Each civilization had an effect on culture, social bonds, commercial relations, job options and so on. So we have a tremendous treasure in each and every bit of these lands both verbal and non- verbal values.

People back then did so much with a very little tool. They had imagination. They thought and survived. With discovery of different materials, they practiced and got excellent skills at weaving. They gathered and weaved together. This atmosphere provided them a space where they can interact, speak and learn more.

handwoven cotton fabric

And they’ve managed to pass weaving methods and fabrics down to the next generations. 

This rooted value has become our culture over the years. The traditional fabrics find themselves in people’s life as clothes or cloth. 

Türkiye has very rich fabric patterns and handloom fabric all around the country. There are really old fabrics which are waiting to be brought forth by designers, producers or any craftsperson. 

Fabrics Atlas of Turkey is the perfect project to see the whole hand woven fabrics in Türkiye. 

Each region and even each city has its own fabric and it is like fabric art. People sew men and women's clothes with these natural fabrics and they wear hand woven clothes made of cotton cloth, wool or silk. 

warp and weft fabric

From beginning to end, this is completely a craft. The fabric weaving, organic cotton material, textile color are all different stages during the process. So, we must appreciate the hard work people put in it. Handloom cotton fabrics are unique textiles. The traditional fabric patterns are still used today because the pattern made of symbols tells a story which belongs to the weaver. So fabric designers do art with fabric. Storytelling exists even in weaving. 

Handloom fabric continues its life in K’ai&Vrosi and we believe it will continue to exist after years. That is why we design, search, produce and share with you.

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