Turkiye's second capital city: Istanbul

Turkiye's second capital city: Istanbul

Istanbul. The city whether truly hated or deeply loved by both foreigners and locals. But even it is hate or love, you find something to feel. 

Istanbul is dynamic and exhausted at the same time. What you see or feel depends on where you look at, from where and with what expectation.

As the city evolving with population, constructions, births and deaths, activities continously, there is always something to discover during the day.

With lights, transportation options, open cafes and pubs, this city is awake and alive every second. If you want to catch her, you have to move fast. You need to be quick. 

You want to hear our advice on this one?

As Cigdem Kacar Selimoglu, our founder, is the real deal about traveling all the cool and must-see places in Istanbul, you should consult her in the beginning if you are planning to make a daily or weekly trip to Istanbul. Also follow her Instagram account zamansızmekik that she shares the hidden gems of not only Istanbul but also other cities she has been in so far. 

She was born in Istanbul and since then Cigdem just admires each and every bit of this city, I believe. So, don't hesitate to reach out her if you are a stranger in Istanbul. Come and visit our showroom located in Kadıköy/Istanbul.

The most important lesson I learn from her: do not make plans. It is more like a "carpe diem" thing. Do not plan for later. Make plans for now or tomorrow or a very soon time period.

Where to go in Istanbul

Anyone who comes to Istanbul for the first time is excited all the secret places, fancy shops, historical buildings, landscapes and more. She makes plans, museum tickets, what to eat, where to eat, traditional food and hand craft goods made in Turkiye. This whole searching thing and collecting all of it can take a really long time. So we suggest you:

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Istanbul

"This Istanbul city guide reveals hundreds of secret places and good-to-know addresses few people know about. Written by local author Feride Yalav Heckeroth.

  • An insider’s guide to Istanbul’s hidden gems and lesser-known spots
  • Written by a true local, filled with independent advice, based on thorough research and the author's personal opinions
  • An inspirational and practical guide to the city’s most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighbourhoods, gardens and cafés, arranged into 100 lists of 5 secrets
  • A recently updated edition in Luster’s successful and attractive series of city guides, The 500 Hidden Secrets" - Minoa Pera Book Store

This book is going to make things easier than it is. You will find:

  • places to eat or buy good food
  • places for a drink or to dance the night away
  • places to shop
  • buildings to admire
  • places to discover Istanbul
  • places to enjoy culture
  • places to sleep
  • great weekend activities
  • random facts&urban details

In the third section, at page 124 we have a surprise for you! K'ai&Vrosi is selected as a local shop with handcrafted handbags. As Istanbul based designer bag shop, we are happy to take place. We will be waiting for your warm visit to our showroom.

Here is the address and the photos of our showroom. ❤️


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