We write for Selvedge Magazine Blog

We write for Selvedge Magazine Blog

As we are getting inside the beautiful world of craft, we keep meeting with new foundations, persons and brands. And Selvedge Magazine is one of them. As a textile-focused magazine, Selvedge is established by Polly Leonard in 2004.

Being both problem and cure to current climate crisis and sustainability, textile is at the heart of human history. Through the years, textile found its way to the situation of the period of time. And that is what Selvedge is highlighting in every issue and every blog post.

K'ai&Vrosi, on the other hand, is bringing a new interpretation to the Black Sea Peshtemal's traditional uses. As we aim to sustain the original method of weaving, which ic handlooms, we protect our weavers and old times' slow production method.

Here, we want everybody to meet our homeland's handloomed fabric, so we write for Selvedge Magazine Blog.

"...Made by craftspersons, our bags are the actual proof of a living culture. In our homeland, we align a cultural value with the spirit of time."

Read our story here in Selvedge Magazine Blog.

If you are curious about craft of textiles, Selvedge Magazine back issues are linked here and Selvedge Magazine Instagram account is in this link for the ones who want to follow their social media flow.

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